Why WVP International has Launched Anti Fraud Campaign

The immigration industry is too vulnerable. As there is little guarantee of the approval of the application; many people get frustrated. There are many times when a perfectly looked application gets rejected for almost no reason. As a result, it hurts the expectation of the aspirants who have invested their time, effort, and money for it. However, this is not the last strain. There are many scammers who take the advantage of the situation of the aspirants and do the fraud after extortion of money.

To save their precious customers from any such activities they have launched the WVP International Frauds Prevention Campaign. Before knowing more about the campaign, check out the malicious activities that are executed by the scammers often.

  • Immigration is a quite complex process and most of the laymen don’t have any knowledge about it. For that reason, they have to trust the immigration agents. While searching, often they bump into the scammers. Or you can say that the conmen have a special identification capability by which they can recognize the people who are looking for help. They contact them and pretend that they are going to help them. They ask for the money and after receiving it, they just vanish without or partly doing the work they have promised.
  • Sometimes, the scammers pretend to be an employee of the Visa Consultant in Delhi and visit the aspirants. They falsely claim to help them in the process and run away with the money without doing the job. The cheated people get furious at the consultancy and post bad reviews for them. There are many WVP International Frauds posts on the internet of which the company has no connection.

To get a resolution of this problem, the consultancy has launched the anti-fraud campaign to educate its customers about the malicious activities happening in the industry.

  • All the immigration processes are done at the office premise. No execute will go to your house and claim that he/she is from the company without an official appointment.
  • All the phone calls are recorded for the safety of the customers. The whole office premise is under the CCTV camera coverage to avoid any unwanted activity.
  • Do not give or take personal numbers to make an unofficial appointment with any of the employees. If you contact anyone outside of the office and you take their service, then it is completely your responsibility.

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